Lightroom Rename Catalog

V10 renaming catalog when upgrading The new renaming function when upgrading an LR catalog to v10 is kind of backwards. On both Mac and Windows you can Control-clickright-click a file and choose Rename from the contextual menu that appears.

Lightroom rename catalog
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You dont want to be messing with the catalog filenames with.

Lightroom rename catalog

. Youll also learn in this video how to move your catalog. Ad Edit your photos in one click with Lightroom presets make your instagram beautiful. Lightroom doesnt offer a catalog renaming tool but you can rename the catalog in Explorer Windows Finder Mac as if you were renaming any other file.

We need to rename all of these to rename the catalog. In this short video tutorial Ill show you how to safely rename your Lightroom catalog and the associated Previews file. It is not easy to understand when version updates create the -2 name change and we get catalog file.

Lightroom Catalog Previewslrdata New Name Previewslrdata. You can hit the Show button to take you there in finder. For best quality hit Play and then click on the sprocket wheel in the bottom.

Hi Paige- Perhaps Problematic Free would be a better description. Maybe still am appreciated the safe way to do things in the Lightroom world. If you rename a catalog make sure you rename its corresponding Previews and Smart Previews files as well.

Mac user Pictures Lightroom Win user My Pictures Lightroom If you have made a new catalog the easiest way to. The top item is the location of the catalog. In Our Store You Will Find Mobile Lightroom Presets Photo Filters for Instagram Feed.

Leaving the file extension lrcat alone I enter my desired name so the end result is Lightroom Cataloglrcat. You can rename a catalog in the Explorer Windows or Finder macOS. If you dont know where your catalog is the default Lightroom catalog is stored.

To rename your Lightroom catalog the first thing you need to do is locate it the catalog. The job field could be the one. In Our Store You Will Find Mobile Lightroom Presets Photo Filters for Instagram Feed.

The first place to check is in your Pictures folder because that is where Lightroom creates a folder for the catalog back up BY DEFAULT. To move the catalog click and drag all related files to a new location such as an external hard drive. Preferably you should do this while Lightroom is closed.

Ad A complete photo solution that makes it easy to edit manage share photos securely. How do I rename my catalog. Navigate to your catalog and its preview files in the Explorer Windows or Finder macOS.

Close the catalog in Lightroom either by opening a different catalog or quitting Lightroom. With access to your Lightroom Catalog file LRCAT its time to move or copy it to a new location. Next were ready to start the renaming process.

First make sure that weve shut down Lightroom. Ad Edit your photos in one click with Lightroom presets make your instagram beautiful. To add on what John said.

Renaming the Catalog Previews folder Smart Previews folder all in the same format is helpful and many beginners like I once was. To rename the catalog. Assuming your catalogue is named cat catlrcat cat Previewslrdata cat Synclrdata cat Helperlrdata cat Smart Previewslrdata probably only there if you created smart previews Rename all those files replacing cat with the new name and then double-click on the newly renamed catalogue file and you should be good to go.

In Mac go to Lightroom Catalog Settings General. So in the future we will end up with catalogs called XYZ-v10 XYZ-v11 XYZ-v12 and so on. You may need to change the default catalog in Catalog Settings so it opens the correct catalog automatically in future.

Click Show to open in Explorer. When you next come to reopen Lightroom hold down Ctrl Windows Opt Mac to navigate to the renamed catalog or just double-click on the catalog file. Rename the preview foldersfiles to match.

Currently it will append -v10 to the upgraded catalog. To copy the catalog highlight all related files right-click and press copy. Inside are two files.

In Windows go to Edit Catalog Settings General. When you import the images into a new catalog add the catalog name to some metadata field that you are not using right now and that can be selected in the file renaming options on exportYou can do this by applying a metadata preset on importThere are plenty fields so there should be one youre not using. To rename your Lightroom catalog locate the catalog and quit Lightroom.

Just make sure you close Lightroom first. Use Windows Explorer Windows Finder Mac to rename the catalog file just as you would rename any other file. A catalog file lrcat and a preview files with thelrdata at the end.

Lightroom Cataloglrcat New Namelrcat. This is how Lightroom catalog folders typically look. Ad A complete photo solution that makes it easy to edit manage share photos securely.

Figure 213 In the Catalog Settings dialog you can check how much space your catalog and previews are using.

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