Lightroom Catalog Vs Collection

Some people encourage multiple catalogs on the basis that youll have less to lose if your catalog becomes corrupted but simply backing up the catalog regularly works just as well. Removing a photo from a Collection does not remove it from your Lightroom catalog.

Lightroom catalog vs collection
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A Collection is like a single album of photos that you select.

Lightroom catalog vs collection

. There are a number of ways this can be utilized in your workflow. The main reason I chose to do this is because I think it is frustrating to go between two or more catalogs. A Collection Set is like a box of photo albums.

In essence the Lightroom CC version is considered a mobile app and the Classic is a desktop app. 11 previews are the same size as the original and therefore useful for examining the image display at 11 zoom but are not needed otherwise. All were doing is were just organizing them where we could find them.

There are six default Smart Collections in Lightroom. For example you can use folders collections keywords labels and ratings. Lightrooms Collections Just because you have all of your photos in one catalog does not mean that they cannot be well organized thats where collections come in.

I highly advise you to keep just one catalog too and utilize Lightroom Collections to keep your personal and professional images separated. Collection Sets are just another way of organizing images. Now these collections dont move the images they dont duplicate images.

You will find that Lightroom is a big timesaver when it comes to. Collections can be used to organize your photos within a catalog. With collections you can drag images into a collection or create a new collection but those images and their original files will stay in their organized folder in Lightroom and the hard drive.

All my client images and family images are stored in one catalog. Right-click on an existing Smart Collection to modify it. Here are a few more differences between the two.

Smart Previews are dng files that are no more than 2560 pixels on the long side and can be used by the Develop module as surrogates for the originals when they are not. If you already use Bridge and Camera RAW you can do everything that Lightroom does right. Colored Red Stars Past Month Recently Modified and Without Keywords.

Within a Collection Set can be multiple Collections. While photos can be. Lightroom puts any picture from your Catalog meeting that meets specific criteria into one or more of these Smart Collections.

Theres no upper limit to the number of photos you can have in a catalog and Lightroom Classic offers myriad ways to sort filter and otherwise organize and find photos within a catalog. The interfaces are different Classic requires creating a catalog for your data. Folders are best thought of as having a physical location on your hard drive while Collections are virtual.

As long as the catalogs optimized regularly and stored on a fast drive viewing and working in individual folderscollections should be almost the same speed regardless of catalog size. Previews are essentially jpgs created by LR for display in the Library module. A single photo can only exist in one folder but you can add it to as many Collections as you like.

I personally use collections to help me with wedding publication submissions read my blog post with tips to get your work published here. After Ive edited a wedding I select my favorite 50-100 images and. To reset target collections right click on the collection name and turn off set as target collection once youve done that it just goes back to the very top which is Quick Collection.

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