Blur Background In Lightroom

Despite preferring to use Photoshop for these kinds of jobs I reckon Adobe Lightroom is quite capable of blurring the background. There are a few different ways to use Lightroom blur background.

Blur background in lightroom
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You will use a brush to select the portions of the image that need to be blurred.

Blur background in lightroom

. The wider the aperture you choose the shallower the depth of field is. Turn on the Mask Overlay to see where the mask is applied 2 Use the filter brush to erase portions of the mask you want to remain sharp. You may want to try each method to find the one that works best for you.

To apply blurred background in Lightroom you essentially need to make a layer mask around the focal point of your image. Why would you need to blur the background. Want to know more.

Its particularly useful if you have a slightly blurred background to begin with. Well the blur gives an impressive effect and if you dont have a lens with a very small. By changing the brush size you can effectively blur the background in all the right places and get the dreamy custom effect you want for your images.

Blur Background in Lightroom After you have marked the areas that you like to blue adjust the features like Sharpness and Clarity. Heres the simple steps in Lightroom to blur your backgrounds using brushes Here is my SOOC photo. It can surely enhance your photo and make it look better but it can also completely save it from going to the virtual trash bin so having the knowledge how to achieve the effect is essential.

You need to open the Develop Module from the top toolbar. Knowing how to blur the background of your image in Lightroom is a powerful way to go back in time and change the settings of your camera in post-production. Yes you can find several blur tools including Brush Tool Radial Filter and Graduated Filter to blur the background in Lightroom.

Can you blur the background in Lightroom mobile. 1 Mask the entire image with the Radial Filter. To begin regardless of which method you choose to use import your image to Adobe Lightroom.

Now set the values by moving these sliders at -100. Check out our blog post. This is a great way to blur out your background to get a more shallow depth of field look.

The best way to blur a background is to set your camera controls and your subject location as you are taking photos. This ensures that you apply adequate blur effects. Many professionals suggest setting the values for both at -100 to create a full blur for the background of your image but the correct settings will vary for each photo.

Blurring the background with the Radial Filter is a three-step process. Using the mobile version of Lightroom you can blur the background using the Radial Filter and Brush tool. Using a wide aperture setting a lower f-stop number will help you blur the background in your photos.

When youve done it you can apply the blurred mask to the marked area which will achieve the desired effect. With no tools to help you mask the background you have to manually create one by painting the background with an adjustment brush. The brush tool is an awesome editing hack for blurring a background image in Lightroom.

Heres how this method works. After you have selected the entire background that should be blurred you can edit the Clarity and Sharpness settings in Lightroom to change the impact of the blur effect. Master adding background blur to your photos to keep your subject in focus.

If you were wondering how to blur the background in Lightroom then you should know that its quite an easy process. Open the Lightroom app. The third way to blur the background of an image in the Lightroom app is to use a brush.

Learn how to add blur to your photos in Lightroom.

Blur background in lightroom
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Blur background in lightroom
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Blur background in lightroom
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Blur background in lightroom
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Blur background in lightroom
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Blur background in lightroom
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Blur background in lightroom
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Blur background in lightroom
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