Lightroom Export For Instagram

I have researched how Instagram compresses images once they are uploaded and Ive created a simple Lightroom export preset providing the very best quality file to allow for the Instagram compression and still look great. Best Export Settings for Instagram in Lightroom First ensure your Crop adheres to one of the 4 native aspect ratios 11 1911 45 4334 Lightrooms Quality slider should be set at 76 the algorithmic sweet spot between file size and image quality.

Lightroom export for instagram
An Example Of Lightroom Export Settings For Instagram Tips Instagram Tips Lightroom Instagram

Ensure that the Export To option is set to Hard Drive.

Lightroom export for instagram

. Drag photos to the publish collection then click Publish to immediately upload your photos to Instagram. And yes there is a plugin which will allow you to upload your images directly from Lightroom to Instagram called LRInstagram. One of the higher quality ways indeed.

Do not forget that the procedure that you will see here also applies to Facebook and other social networks you just need to know the size of the image that each of them has as a standard. How to export quality lightroom photos to instagram After finishing all the editing of your photos it is time to export them in JPEG format accepted format accepted by Instagram. Doing it through Lightroom will get a dng file on your phone that you can render and edit and export from directly to instagram.

When you upload an image to Instagram all of your metadata will be stripped from your image. Ad A complete photo solution that makes it easy to edit manage share photos securely. Drag the photos you want to use from the Library onto the Instagram photos collection in the publish service panel.

Simply install the plugin add new service in Lightroom Publishing Manager and authenticate with your Instagram account. We generally recommend creating a Lightroom Plugins folder in the Pictures folder on the hard drive of your computer. Publishing with LRInstagram The publish process is fundamentally the same as any other Lightroom publish service.

Ad A complete photo solution that makes it easy to edit manage share photos securely. Try creating the most lightweight image export settings and still good quality you can on lightroom the lighter the image you upload to Instagram the. I want my images to look as good as possible.

Also anything uploaded smaller than 320 pixels will be upscaled. Click on the File option from the dropdown menu in Adobe Lightroom and select the Export option. Follow me on Instagram here or click my profile below.

Then click on the publish services collection and customize the metadata you want to use. A new window Export One File will pop up. Head over to the LRInstagram web site and download the current version.

Lets Recap the Best Lightroom Export Settings for Instagram. Anything wider than 1080px will be resized by Instagrams compression. In Lightroom Classic CC there are two steps to exporting an image to use on Instagram.

Crop your photos to an aspect ratio of 45. To help keep your file size down when exporting to Instagram it will be best to export your photos without any metadata. Which I can tell you will not look good at all.

If you want to post to instagram however you dont need to go through your phone. We need to do all the Lightroom Export settings for Instagram in this window. Next unzip the file and save the folder wherever you like to store your Lightroom plugins.

There simply is no faster way to publish from Lightroom to Instagram. Recommended export settings for Instagram in the guidelines advise uploading images with a width between 320 to 1080px.

Lightroom export for instagram
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Lightroom export for instagram
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Lightroom export for instagram
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Lightroom export for instagram
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Lightroom export for instagram
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Lightroom export for instagram
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