Raid Is Not A Backup

It adds performance when reading and writing because there. Are RAID and backups the same.

Raid is not a backup
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Raid is not a backup

. I have never used RAID nor found a need for it this is because RAID Redundant Array of Independent Disks is meant for redundancy and not backup. Safely storing your most important files requires both. RAID in NAS or computer its a combination of multiple more than 1 disk drives into single disk group with defined behaviorpurpose and clearly disk failure tolerance.

It depends on what you want a backup for. I logged in and confirmed during the RAID rebuild Drive 4 had also crashed rendering the entire volume lost. Redundancy is not backup.

RAID is meant to add redundancy when a disk says it has failed reading or mostly writing. Situations where RAID will not save you. Raid is redundancy some sort of and not related in any way to backups.

System compromise virusmalware Catastrophic disaster firetornado. Saying that it isnt a hard drive would be like saying a hard drive which keeps a copy of all your data is not a backup because a hurricane could take both of them out at once. RAID is a crucial system in servers there is no doubt about that.

RAID arrays are not backups they are just a way to spread data across multiple disks. Its not designed to be like that. Most newcomers to NAS world discover what a RAID array is and they think that RAID redundancy protect its data as if it were a backup because if one or more.

Since all disks in the array are replicated in real-time your datas previous states are not maintained. You accidentally delete a file. It wont cost you anything to find out.

RAID is a backup for a drive failing. RAID is not a Time Machine. Using only RAID you cannot revert your system to a previous state.

These are just a few questions you will often see when viewing a discussion about RAID and backups. A few minutes of research reveals several reasons why RAID is not backup. RAID is not a backup July 27 2020.

RAID is not a backup it is hardware redundancy for the sole purpose of providing uninterrupted business continuity in the event of a hardware failure. A backup is a solution that allows you to revert to a known good copy of data in the event of data loss. This topic causes both confusion and debate.

RAID isnt backup because RAID is kind of redundancy for your data in disk group attached in single device eg. Things that RAID does not protect against. Keeping copies of those files on different devices.

First of all what is RAID for. RAID 1 isnt a substitute for backup because there are a lot of risks that it cant protect against. RAID is not a backup.

However when regular backups are taken these can be used to restore your system to a point in time of your choosing. And far too many system administrators IT techs and the general population make this mistake and assumption that somehow RAID is a magic pill for all of the data problems. For backup I use a combination of a spare HDD as well as cloud services like Dropbox and github for code.

This is why RAID is not a backup system. If you accidentally delete a file it will instantly be removed from both mirrored copies. If a file is deleted all its mirrored blocks and parity blocks are freed.

Using filesystems that can detect bit rot as well as. If your disk is corrupted by a software bug or virus the corruption will be.

Raid is not a backup
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Raid is not a backup
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Raid is not a backup
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Raid is not a backup
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Raid is not a backup
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Raid is not a backup
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Raid is not a backup
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Raid is not a backup
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