Backblaze Version History

24 Oct 2019 Backblaze is remaking history with an update to its cloud backup product. Backblaze does have an extended version history feature that will allow you to bypass the 30-day limit that was discussed above.

Backblaze version history
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So if and when you get a bill for files over 1 year old here is how you can see ALL of those file paths this GUI will only appear to you if you have files you are getting billed this extra charge for.

Backblaze version history

. 1-Year 2month 24year or 482-years per backup depending on your accounts license type. Personal online backup to enterprise scale data storage solutions. By default Backblaze keeps a 30-day history of versions for files that have been backed up but have been updated changed or deleted from your computer or external drives.

You can click the upgrade link here. You can get the instructions to setup the extended version history here. This meant that if you deleted something from your hard drive and didnt realize it within 30 days that file was gone forever.

Its a paid upgrade to the standard Backblaze plan but if you need to be able to undo changes to files without a time limit the fees are a bargain. Backblaze Cloud Backup 70 which became generally available this month provides options to extend users version history to one year or forever. Backblaze has always kept a 30-Day Version History of backed up files but today they are giving you the option to extend your Version History to a year or forever.

On the overview page you will see your computers with the version history selected 30-day by default. You can choose 1-year of retention or forever. As can be seen above both services offer a very similar service for a very similar price taking into account the additional 4m for the Backblaze unlimited file versions option.

Unlimited Sizes Unthrottled speed. The thing about Forever Version History is that Backblaze will issue you a bill on a per GByte basis for the files that have been deleted from your computer for more than 1 year. Unlimited Sizes Unthrottled speed.

Ad Automatically Back Up All your Files. Backblaze initially comes with 30 days of version History this is unlimited by default in Crashplan. Not only can you keep previous versions of a file but B2 can keep track of when a file has gone away and when it has been put back allowing you to keep a full history.

Previously Backblaze users were limited to a 30-day version history of backed up files. Backblaze has also made sure that nobody will ever lose a file thanks to unlimited version history. That means you can go back in time for 30 days and retrieve old versions of your files or even files that youve deleted.

Backblaze is a pioneer in robust scalable low cost cloud backup and storage services. Keep your old files versions for 1-Year or Forever. By default the Backblaze Online Backup service has a running 30-day version history.

Ad Automatically Back Up All your Files. 30-Day Version History. When a file folder or drive is no longer available to Backblaze because its been deleted removed or a drive has failed or is disconnected but the computer continues contacting our servers the already backed up data will be retained for 30 days and is available to be restored.

Now you can extend that time up to 1-Year for an additional 2Month. Now users have the ability to extend this to a full year or forever. All Backblaze computer backup accounts have 30-Day Version History included with their backup license.

From here you can select the version history that suits you. More detailed costings are featured later on in this post. Backblaze keeps old file versions and deleted files for 30-days.

To keep your data safe even if you upload a bad file or get rid of the wrong file B2 Cloud Storage lets you keep a history of previous versions of each file stored. If you have an existing account you will need to go through the Backblaze web-portal.

Backblaze version history
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Backblaze version history
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Backblaze version history
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Backblaze version history
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Backblaze version history
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Backblaze version history
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Backblaze version history
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Backblaze version history
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