Change Lightroom Backup Location

Depending on the file size of your Lightroom catalog the transfer time may vary. One issue with the Lightroom catalog backups is that the location by default is inside the folder that contains the Lightroom catalog.

Change lightroom backup location
Lightroom Backup Photo Library Lightroom Photo

You can specify the backup location in the Back Up dialog box that pops up when you are exiting Lightroom.

Change lightroom backup location

. Library New Folder. Connect your external drive to your computer. This gives you control over how your Lightroom backup catalogs are stored.

Go to the top folder on your internal hard drive the one you just copied in Finder or. Changing backup locations in Lightroom Classic CC. In the Back Up Catalog dialog box click Back Up to back up the catalog at the default location and quit Lightroom Classic.

Create the destination folder on your external drive by either clicking the to the right of the Folders heading in the Folders panel and choose Add Folder or go to. Access your new location right-click and press paste. To copy the catalog highlight all related files right-click and press copy.

What a lot of people dont realize is that prompt is the only place where you can configure the location for where the backup copies of the catalog are stored. To move the catalog click and drag all related files to a new location such as an external hard drive. Usersuser namePicturesLightroomcatalog nameBackups macOS.

In this case navigate to your external drive and create a new folder at that location. Tims Quick Answer. Optionally select any of the following before you click Back Up.

The options include backing up daily weekly. In the directory window that opens navigate to the external drive location and create a new folder. Exit Lightroom Classic when a catalog backup is scheduled in your Catalog Settings.

Right-click on the folder name in the Folders panel and select Show in Finder Mac or Show in Windows Explorer PC. You can change the Lightroom catalog location for both manual backups you initiate and automatic backups that are scheduled in Lightroom. So if the disk containing the.

The location where you want to store the backup copy of your Lightroom catalog can actually be specified within the actual backup dialog that appears when it is time to create a new backup of your catalog. How Do I Change the Backup Location in Lightroom Catalog. Then click the button in the top-right corner and choose Add Folder This is going to let you create a new folder for storing your images.

Please refer this article Photoshop Lightroom catalog FAQ. As far as I know the only place you can change the backup location is in the backup dialog. When Lightroom Classic prompts you to back up your catalog it defaults to the following location.

Whether it is a location on your computer on. 1 Correct Answer. Be kind and respectful give credit to the original source of content and search for duplicates before posting.

Lightroom will update the catalog to point to the folder in the new location and everything inside of that folder. To change backup locations Open Lightroom and select Catalog Settings from the Lightroom drop down menu Select Everytime Lightroom starts from the backup section. We just see the Skip or Back up buttons and seem gloss over the Choose button for backup folder location.

Open Lightroom and you should be in that catalog in that folder CUsersChuckPicturesLightroomBackups2013-04-19 0811Backups2014-05-29 2204 Click on Catalog Settings again and verify the Location just to make sure. Within the Catalog Settings dialog you can specify the frequency for backing up your Lightroom catalog. Your computer opens a new window with the folder inside it.

If you have all your foldersphotos in a single parent folder then you are done but if there are additional folders at the same level as that top folder you just need to. Simply click on the Choose button by Backup Folder and navigate to the location youd like to backup the Lightroom catalog to. You may open Lightroom EditCatalog Settings and click Show to navigate to the location of your backup catalog.

As far as I know the only place you can change the backup location is in the backup dialog. First locate your Folders pane on the left side of the Library module of Lightroom.

Change lightroom backup location
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Change lightroom backup location
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Change lightroom backup location
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Change lightroom backup location
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Change lightroom backup location
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