Hegemonia / Goodbye
2xcs 100 copies
$8 still available

This release is a collection of Fasenuova's earlier work, mostly recorded between the mid 90's and early 00's. The first of the two tapes were originally recorded under the name, "Hegemonia". It is most of the only album they had made & self-released, called "Arabian Nights". They were later known as "Goodbye", the second cassette is a collection of some released and non-released music from this era. Analog drum machines and analog synthesizers. Although, taking a different path now, these recordings would be classified as true industrial. Buzzing noise, rhythmic pulsing, sparse vocals sung in Spanish and/or Asturian. Fasenuova's live shows are very energetic.
Fasenuova is from the Asturias region of Spain. Roberto Lobo and Ernesto Avelino have been playing together since the mid-80's and until recently have had very little exposure.