Return of the Evil Pappy Twin
cs-30 50 copies

Dawn Culbertson (1951 - 2004) was classically trained to play the lute. She studied and performed early Renaissance music from Germany, France and Italy. Dawn is one of the most truely outsider musicians that I have ever met. This album consists of 10 cover songs that she plays on the lute and sings in a monotone voice that is very similar to her speaking voice. The whole album has a somber feel. The lyrics take on a new meaning when coming from Dawn. She speaks of herself, through others' lyrics, highlighting different themes by accentuating different lines. Certain lines that don't stand out on the originals stand out on her versions. I don't know what her true feelings actually were, but this album portrays what they might have been, in how and what she sang and what songs she chose to cover. I don't know about the originals but these songs are about wanting something you don't have and wanting to be something/someone else. But if you didn't know her while she was alive, you might not care about who she was. In that case, these are pretty interesting stripped-down punk and heavy metal covers, bare & revealing.